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Typically, the instruments that accompany salsa dance include the thumping of congas, trumpets, cowbells, timbales and claves.

With the boom of Salsa artists in the mainstream music world, English and Spanish-spoken songs by Latino musicians like Rey Ruiz, Marc Anthony and Gloria Estefan are being glided, twisted and turned to by salsa dancers.

The French who escaped to Cuba brought the Danzón, the English/French country dance.

This dance began to be mixed with the African rhumbas.

It has an eight-beat pattern that recurs, with two bars of four beats.

As the years passed, salsa sounds and the dance steps of salsa moved to the United States.In economics, physical capital or just capital is a factor of production (or input into the process of production), consisting of machinery, buildings, computers, and the like.The production function takes the general form Y=f(K, L), where Y is the amount of output produced, K is the amount of capital stock used and L is the amount of labor used.A dance of energy and passion that flows while being performed at the dance floor, Salsa is its name.It oozes with sensuous style, its liveliness is contagious enough you want to get on your feet and dance to the rhythm.

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